Life Science Products Provide Unique Health Advantages

Life Science Products distributes just a few remarkable nutritional supplements. Life Science Products is also a small company. So you may not have had the chance to learn the many ways your health could be improved by using these Life Science products.

I don't know if they'll be what you're looking for. You get to decide that.

Two key Life Science products give you the basic foundation for health. And one gives you a performance edge.

The owners of Life Science Products didn't want a company with me-too products. They searched for years before they found Peter Smith and what became the Life Science flagship product, Nature's Biotics. Only then did they open for business.

Nature's Biotics is a formulation of soil-based organisms and other probotics (friendly bacteria). You’ll be amazed at all the different ways they can help you.

Soil-based organisms are something that we no longer get in our diets. (Though our ancestors did.) And something you need!

Injesting them can help: Boost your immune system in several powerful and unique ways. Increase the amount of antibodies your body has available to fight illnesses.

Improve digestion. Fight constipation as they clean your intestines from the walls out. Kill parasites. Fight Candida Albicans yeast infections. Produce a powerful antioxidant. Detoxify your body. Increase energy levels.

Life Science Products also distributes Foods For Life, a supplement giving you all nutrients necessary for health. Plus gives you an assimilation edge. Because...

Foods For Life is a nutrient dense superfood enhanced by technology. The ONLY green drink with proprietary Nana Sphere Technology processing, helping to get all the nutrients into your cells. Where they can go to work.

The soil-based organisms in Nature's Biotics and the nutrients in Foods For Life can play a part in supporting health when ill health conditions abound.

Joint pain - Arthritis - Cancer - Heart Disease - Diabetes - Chronic Fatigue - Allergies - Auto immune illness - Chrones Disease - Aids - Herpes - Indigestion - and much more.

Young Again is Life Science Products third supplement. Designed to give you a performance edge. Stimulating the production of human growth hormones. The safest HGH enhancer on the market. Containing no actual hormones or precursors - so that your body doesn't get lazy and stop making its own. Helping to:

Boost Energy, Lose Weight, Improve Sexual Function, Improve Eyesight, Slow down the aging process, Gain muscle mass, Increase athletic performance.

Body Biotics - Soil-Based Organisms

Body Biotics gives you a basic foundation for health. Learn how soil-based organisms in Nature's Biotics improve digestion, boost the immune system and kill pathogens.

Immune System Supplement Booster

Unique Immune System supplement gives you an immune system boost 5 different ways. Plus improving digestion, killing parasites and yeast, and much more.

Human Parasites Killer

Human Parasites run from this killer. Learn how to get rid of human parasites with a unique and effective parasite killer that also improves your health.

Effective Indigestion Relief

Indigestion Upsetting You? Get relief. Learn how a unique formulation of soil-based organisms and friendly bacteria helps you get rid of indigestion 3 different ways.

Candida Albicans Treatment

Candida Albicans treatment: Learn how Body Biotics is part of an effective Candida Albicans treatment. Attacking and killing Candida yeast. Plus it boosts your immune system and improves digestion.

Constipation Remedies - Natural Constipation Cure

Looking for a constipation cure? Learn how SBO’s give you a constipation remedy that works 3 ways. Cleaning your colon, breaking down all food, and improving your intestinal flora.

Control Yeast Infections Naturally

Learn how a unique formulation of soil-based organisms helps you control chronic yeast infections - oral yeast infections - vaginal infections. Naturally and safely killing all yeast.

Increased Interferon Production

Safely and cheaply increase the levels of interferon in your body. With a unique supplement containing soil-based organisms which naturally stimulate increased production of interferon.

Kill Intestinal Parasites

Human Intestinal Parasites literally run from this killer. Learn how to get rid of intestinal parasites with a unique and effective parasite killer that improves your health while it kills parasites.

Digestive Disorders - Get Relief Naturally

Have a digestive disorder or digestive problem? Learn how soil-based organisms can relieve or prevent most digestive disorders. Correcting digestive problems once they enter the human digestive system

Increase Your Antioxidants

Increase your amount of antioxidants with an antioxidant supplement that boosts your immune system, kills parasites and viruses, improves digestion and produces a strong antioxidant enzyme.


Bio/Tech News article on soil-based organisms giving extraordinary report on their uses and benefits.

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