Body Biotics - Fundamental For Health

Learn how soil-based organisms in Body Biotics improve digestion, boost the immune system and kill pathogens.

If you are looking for ONE nutritional product that can improve your health in MANY different ways, Body Biotics is it.

Containing 500 mgs of soil micro-organisms and other friendly bacteria in each capsule, it is much more potent than the widely advertised Primal Defense which uses less than 300 mgs of this very same combination per capsule.

So if you are looking for the benefits you can obtain from consuming soil based organisms, Body Biotics is by far the best value. Feel free to call me if you have further questions about this. I have used both and know the difference and the reason for the difference. 800-832-9755.

For those of you not familiar with the benefits of soil micro-organisms, continue reading. It is pretty amazing what they can do.

Body Biotics. Foundation For Good Health

The key ingredient in Body Biotics is an unknown and valuable nutrient. Needed for optimum health. Something you no longer get from your diet. Which most people have never even heard of. Soil-based organisms.

Many years ago soil-based organisms were on the food we ate. As people lived in greater contact with the soil, eating carrots straight out of the ground and the like. Not so any longer. The soil has been blasted with chemicals and we are just too clean!

The research of scientist Peter Smith and 20 years of using Body Biotics prove that soil-based-organisms give you many health benefits. And prove it Peter did. The first test showed that...

Fish and plants grew faster. Wounds healed better. And as Body Biotics was taken internally, numerous ill health conditions cleared up, sometimes almost miraculously. Body Biotics Helps You 4 Ways

1. Improving digestion and elimination

2. Boosting the immune system

3. Killing harmful viruses, molds, yeast and other parasites.

4. Increasing growth rates and wound healing.

Most products help only in one area. Not only does Body Biotics work in all four. It helps out in several different ways in each one.

Body Biotics Improves Digestion and Elimination The soil-based-organisms in Body Biotics break down food into its basic elements. Just as they do in the ground, where they break down matter so that it can be utilized by plants. When you take Body Biotics, the soil-based organisms break down the food in your intestines. Dramatically improving digestion as they can virtually double the amount of nutrients you absorb. Body Biotics Produces Lactoferrin. Which increases iron utilization and absorption as it grabs the iron in your food and transports it to your cells. The value of this to you is that often it is not lack of iron that causes iron deficiencies, but lack of lactoferrin resulting in poor iron absorption. Body Biotics takes care of this. Body Biotics Fights ConstipationIf you are like most people, you have old, accumulated matter coating the walls of your intestines. Many times pounds and pounds of it clog up the intestines. Making it difficult to absorb nutrients from your food and poisoning your body with toxins from undigested, fermenting food. The soil-based-organisms in Body Biotics work their way behind the fecal matter and the wall, eating it from the wall out. Thereby flaking it off. Improving both digestion as you have more exposed intestinal wall that can absorb the nutrients. And fighting constipation as they clean out the intestines.If you are constipated, Body Biotics sometimes can make the constipation worse at first. The soil-based organisms in Body Biotics first start flaking off material on the walls of the small intestine before they start cleaning out the large intestine. That material could then clog up the large intestine. What you need to do in this case is to also get Life's Green Essentials from Life Science Products. It is a green drink nutrient rich superfood. Not only do you get high quality nutrition from it, but we find that it helps greatly with constipation.

Body Biotics Supports The Immune System

As the soil-based organisms in Body Biotics establish colonies in your intestines, your body produces in response large quantities of B-lymphocytes which produce billions of antibodies.

It's as though your body thinks the soil-based organisms are dangerous and produces antibodies. Then it realizes they are healthful and stops the process of attacking them. Leaving billions of antibodies available to be used by the immune system.

These antibodies, according to Dr. Rothschild, are unique in that they are not targeted or addressed to attack any one particular infectious agent. So you end up with an army of antibodies in reserve, ready to fight any infection entering your body.

Alpha Interferon

The soil-based organisms in Body Biotics stimulate your body's production of natural alpha interferon. Alpha interferon is a key regulator of the immune system. And has been artifically made for years at very high cost.

Body Biotics stimulates the body to produce 16 of the 20 subspecies of alpha interferon. Providing for a wide array of anti-viral activity as each sub-species attacks different viruses or antigens. Which is one big reason why Body Biotics has proven to be so successful in dealing with viral infections.

And remember how Body Biotics produces lactoferrin? Turns out that many pathogens live off of the iron in our blood. Lactoferrin, by locking up that iron, prevents them from eating the iron. Starving them to death.

Researchers have also found that Body Biotics produces a potent anti-oxidant enzyme and free radical scavenger, SOD. How potent?

Commonly people report decreased arthritic pain within 3 weeks. Not only does SOD neutralize dangerous free radicals, but research at John Hopkins has shown that it reduces tissue damage after heart attacks.

Body Biotics Kills Viruses, Molds, Yeast, and Parasites

Engulfing and attacking any they come in contact with. My wife had a major parasite kill off within days of starting to take Body Biotics.

One reason I always take Body Biotics is that I want the parasites and other pathogens in my food to have a reception committee of soil-based organisms waiting there to kill them.

And That's Not All Body Biotics Does

Researchers have found that the soil-based-organisms in Body Biotics stimulate cellular self repair as they produce DNA and RNA.

Boost energy production in cells, help cells detoxify and even more...

Getting Started On Body Biotics

Most people start out taking one Body Biotics capsule a day for a week, then increasing one capsule weekly. Till they get up to six a day which is two bottles monthly. People who are dealing with serious health conditions don't stop at six Body Biotics a day. They work up to two or three times that amount. While admittedly some folks get amazing results immediately, such as the fellow who's son suffered for 13 years from seizures. (The seizures stopped virtually overnight when he started on the Body Biotics.) You've generally got to give it some time.You may notice at some point that you're getting cleaned out. Aches and pains may disappear. Maybe the herpes stops breaking out. Eventually you could find that you are in pretty good health and you don't notice anything new. But fear not that you are wasting money...Whether it is protecting you from parasites, viruses, arthritis or even cancer, Body Biotics works silently and effectively in the background. And you may not realize that it is still helping you. Until you stop that is.

Sometimes the soil-based organisms increase constipation at first as they flake off the junk on the walls and increase the mass moving through the intestines. Over time they can eliminate it.

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