Natural Constipation Remedy

Learn how soil-based organisms create a constipation remedy that helps you in 3 ways. By flaking off hardened matter on intestinal walls, breaking down all the food you eat and improving your intestinal flora. All of which are needed to form the basis of a long term cure for constipation.

Most remedies have NO chance at creating a long term solution. And they don’t boost your immune system at all, much less so in several unique ways. Plus producing a powerful antioxidant, producing lactoferrin, killing parasites, viruses and yeast. Body Biotics does.

Body Biotics - A Remarkable Constipation Remedy

Body Biotics is a unique and proprietary formulation of soil-based organisms plus other friendly bacteria.

In the past soil-based organisms were a natural part of the digestive process.

People ingested soil-based organisms because they ate foods directly from the soil. And these organisms prevent constipation by keeping the intestines cleaned out and breaking down the food completely.

Providing a natural digestive boost.

Now we seldom ingest soil-based organisms. And in fact most commercial farming soils now have NO soil-based organisms. They have been killed off by herbicides.

These days, your ONLY good source for soil-based organisms is Body Biotics. If you aren’t taking it, you aren’t getting the soil-based organisms you need to properly digest your food.

Start With Friendly Intestinal Flora

A proper functioning colon has several pounds of friendly bacteria assisting in digestion and in combating bad bacteria and other pathogens.

However in this age of drinking chlorinated water, taking antibiotics and getting them in our food. Along with numerous chemicals that also kill good bacteria, our intestines usually have an overgrowth of bad bacteria, yeast, fungus and parasites and far too little of the good bacteria.

Contributing to poor digestion which ultimately leads to constipation.

Soil-Based Organisms Break Down All Food Completely

The soil-based-organisms in Body Biotics help break down every bit of food you eat. That’s because they break down hydrocarbons (which is what foods are) into their basic elements.

Supplementing the actions of enzymes and acids to improve your digestion.

Foods are broken down to a much greater extent when soil-based organisms are present in your digestive system.

Which certainly helps to keep things flowing.

Soil-based organisms function in your body just like they do in the soil. Where they break down decaying plants and other matter. Making those nutrients available for new growth. In us they break down food, making those nutrients available for us.

Thus, when you take Body Biotics, the soil-based organisms work to completely digest the food you eat. Dramatically improving digestion.

Body Biotics Cleans The Intestinal Tract

Any long term constipation remedy has to get rid of putrefied matter that coats the walls of the intestines. Often pounds of hardened black material. (John Wayne had 20 pounds in him when he died.)

This undigested food coats the intestinal villi, making it difficult to absorb nutrients, clogs up the intestines and literally poisoning the body with toxins.

The soil-based organisms in Body Biotics establish colonies throughout the entire digestive system, starting in the esophagus and ending in the colon. Attaching themselves to the walls of these organs.

Burrowing their way behind the hardened material lining the intestinal walls. Eating the material from the wall out. Flaking it off.

So that over time, these soil-based organisms provide a remedy for constipation as they clean the intestinal walls.

Plus uncovering the villi so that they can absorb more food, greatly increasing the amount of nutrients you actually digest and absorb.

Anecdotal reports say that nutrient absorption rates of food and supplements can double with daily use of Body Biotics.

Soil-based-organisms stimulate cellular repair as they produce DNA and RNA.

Boost energy production in cells.

Help cells detoxify.

Boost the immune system by stimulating the production of an army of antibodies.

Soil-based organisms also produce lactoferrin which increases iron absorption.

Stimulate increased production of alpha interferon, a critical immune system regulator and virus killer.

And produce a powerful antioxidant.

Well actually, you get even more. But I've got to stop somewhere. :-)

Personally, I wasn’t looking for a constipation remedy or cure. I took probiotics, ate green superfoods, had a lot of fiber in my diet. So I thought Body Biotics would do nothing for me.

Boy was I wrong. After I had worked up to taking 3 capsules a day, I started having 6 movements a day. It cleaned me out. Gently and effectively.

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