Relieve Digestive Disorders Naturally
Here are some of the unique ways Body Biotics fights digestive disorders.

Improves Iron Assimilation

Research studies show that soil-based organisms stimulate the human digestive system to produce lactoferrin.

Lactoferrin bonds with iron in your food or supplement. Transporting the iron to the cells.

The value of this to you is that often it is not lack of iron that causes iron deficiency, but there not being enough lactoferrin to transport the iron.

Body Biotics, by producing lactoferrin, increases the amount of iron that makes its way through the human digestive system.

This is especially important for the digestion of iron in vitamin supplements

because only 7% of that iron is absorbed by the GI tract and an even lesser amount is assimilated by the organs that require it.

Helps Digestive Disorders - Starving Parasites

According to Peter Rothchild, MD.

"Iron carried by lactoferrin is extremely bioaccessible - greater than 95% - yet it will not be delivered to noxious microbes...

Iron is released only at the point of recognition and does not, therefore, become available for any other microorganism in the intestinal tract."

Free iron from supplements is a primary food source for yeast, molds, bacteria and other parasites.

Lactoferrin, because it binds up the iron so they can use it, can starve yeast and parasites to death.

Helping to deal with digestive disorders caused by these organisms.

Relieves Digestive Disorders By Cleaning Colon

Most people have pounds of hardened black matter coating the walls of the intestines. The soil-based organisms in Body Biotics establish colonies throughout the human digestive system, starting in the esophagus and ending in the colon, by attaching themselves to the walls of these digestive organs.

In the intestines they burrow their way behind the "putrefaction" lining the intestinal walls. Eating it from the wall out.

Dislodging the putrefaction.

Body Biotics, by cleaning the intestinal walls so that it can absorb food, greatly increases the amount of nutrients you actually digest and absorb.

And relieves digestive disorders caused by this impacted material.

Helps Digestive Disorders With Good Bacteria

A well-functioning human digestive system will have several pounds of friendly bacteria. Which assist digestion, produce natural antibiotics and kill bad bacteria and other pathogens.

One reason for digestive disorders and digestive problems is that we consume chlorinated water, antibiotics, and many other chemicals that kill good bacteria.

Creating an overgrowth of bad bacteria, Candida Albicans and other yeast infections, fungus and intestinal parasites.

Who fight with the overwhelmed good bacteria. And cause multiple digestive disorders and other health problems as they...

Gobble up our food before we can digest it. And worse, poison us with their waste.

Body Biotics combats the digestive disorders caused by this overgrowth in several ways.

First, the soil-based organisms attack and kill parasites, bad bacteria, yeast and other pathogens on contact.

So that good bacteria can thrive.

Plus, Body Biotics contains seven highly beneficial strains of good bacteria that help to re-establish the friendly bacteria.

So that your intestines can start to function properly and correct digestive disorders caused by the overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast.

Relieves Digestive Disorders Like Nothing Else

All in all Body Biotics and especially the soil-based organisms in Body Biotics do a remarkable job of relieving digestive disorders.

Not just in one way, but as you can see, in a great many ways.

Working on digestive problems in ways that NO other supplement can.

Life Science Products has the distribution rights to this proprietary formulation of soil-based organisms.

In the past, when people were commonly ingesting them, soil-based organisms helped prevent digestive problems.

Now YOU need them to relieve digestive disorders.

You aren't getting them in your diet anymore.

The only place to get them is in Body Biotics.

Relieves Digestive Disorders And More

Researchers have found that the soil-based-organisms in Body Biotics stimulate cellular self-repair as they produce DNA and RNA.

Boost energy production in cells.

Help cells detoxify.

Boost the immune system as they stimulate the production of antibodies, lactoferrin and interferon.

Produce a powerful antioxidant.

Well actually, they do even more. But I've got to stop somewhere. :-)

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