Remarkable Immune System Supplement

Learn how a powerful immune system supplement gives you an immune system boost 5 different ways. Plus improving digestion, killing parasites and yeast, and much more.

As documented in the 1993 Bio/Tech News “Critters” article.

"I had breast cancer that had metastasized to the bone. By the time it was found, it was simply too late for conventional therapy. It was advanced to the point of being a death sentence. I was in a lot of pain...

I started taking the product in November, and within weeks I felt decreased pain-in fact, about 95% less pain.

Since then the central mass of cancer in my breast has decreased from a two and one-half inch mass to the size of a small pea."

Dr. A. Johnson ...From the "Critters" Bio/Tech News article

The product is Body Biotics. Exclusively distributed by Life Science Products.

Unique Immune System Supplement

Body Biotics is an immune system supplement that contains a little known and quite valuable ingredient.

Something required for an optimum functioning immune system.

And something you no longer get from your diet. In fact, most people have never even heard of this.

Soil-based organisms.

Many years ago soil-based organisms were on the food we ate. As people lived in greater contact with the soil, eating carrots straight out of the ground and the like.

Not so any longer. The soil has been blasted with chemicals and we are just too clean!

Research scientist Peter Smith spent years investigating soil-based organisms. And 20 years ago developed a proprietary formulation now called Body Biotics.

Tests showed that...

Fish and plants grew faster. Wounds healed better. And as Body Biotics was taken internally, numerous ill health conditions cleared up. Some almost miraculously and many dealing with the immune system.

Peter Smith found that ingesting soil-based organisms in the body provided an immune system boost.

In several ways...


Increased Alpha Interferon Production

Once you have eaten Body Biotics for a while, the soil-based organisms form colonies in your intestines.

Once established, they stimulate your body's production of alpha interferon. Of at least 16 of the 20 possible sub-species of alpha interferon. Which give a strong immune system boost.

Just in case you are not familiar with alpha interferon, it is a key regulator of your immune system response.

It is produced artificially at very high cost, to fight serious immune system disorders like cancer.

However, only one sub-species is made. Nothing close to what the soil-based organisms stimulate the body to produce.

Antibodies aren't the only things that attack viruses. Each sub-species of alpha interferon attacks different viruses.

So the more sub-species you stimulate, the more effective your immune system will be.

And better still, T-lymphocyte production increases as the alpha interferon is produced.

Which may be why Body Biotics has been reported to work on so many different types of immune system conditions.

Chronic fatigue, herpes, hepatitis, influenza. Most any viral condition.

"My health for over one month's time was very poor. I was operating on about 25% to 50% of my energy level. I had swollen glands and a sore throat...

“The doctor's statement you just have to ride it out because I have nothing to give you to make you feel better. I spoke with my neighbor, and he told me about your product. He gave me some to try, told me to take it twice a day.

“Within 12 hours my sore throat was gone, and 24 hours later my glands stopped hurting, and within 48 hours my energy level was back to normal! It was definitely a miracle cure for me."

M.M., California

If you are considering alpha interferon supplementation, at a cost running into thousands of dollars, you might want to add on Body Biotics as an immune system supplement.

And get much more benefit for much less cost.

Stimulates B-Lymphocyte and Antibody Production

If you would like to have extra antibodies ready and waiting to help your immune system fight pathogens, take Body Biotics.

Research has shown that the soil-based organisms in Body Biotics stimulate the body to produce a large pool of a unique type of antibodies.

Uncoded, non-specific antibodies that your immune system can rapidly encode to fight off any infections and pathogens that come along.

Researchers on the actions of soil-based organisms believe that what happens is that your immune system starts out treating the soil-based organisms as antigens and produces antibodies to fight them.

Then apparently, it recognizes them as being friendly so does not encode the antibodies to attack the soil-based organisms.

With a great health benefit.

You end up with billions of extra antibodies. Ready and waiting to fight pathogens of all types.

Boosts Immune System By Producing Lactoferrin

While there has been a good deal of research lately on lactoferrin and it's immune system boosting capabilities, the Bio/Tech News "Critters" article written in 1993 focuses on lactoferrin's "iron" connection.

And how it makes Body Biotics an immune system supplement in still another way.

The soil-based organisms produce lactoferrin as a by-product of their metabolism.

Lactoferrin grabs the iron in your food and delivers it to your cells.

Lactoferrin can cause iron deficiency symptoms if you don’t have enough of it. The iron you take won’t be used.

Taking Body Biotics therefore, can reverse iron deficiency caused by lack of lactoferrin.

When iron is free, not bonded with lactoferrin, it is the main food source for pathogens.

Yeast, molds, human parasites, intestinal parasites, bad bacteria and more.

Eliminate free iron by binding it with lactoferrin, and the pathogens starve.

Which is another way Body Biotics helps boost your immune system.

Soil-Based Organisms Attack Human Parasites

The soil-based organisms aggressive attack and kill human parasites, viruses, yeast (such as Candida Albicans), molds, fungus and bad bacteria.

Just as they do in the soil.

The soil-based organisms travel throughout the body, attacking parasites wherever they reside.

Soil-Based Organisms Produce A Strong Antioxidant

According to Dr. Rothschild, the soil-based organisms also produce SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase).

SOD is an enzyme which is one of the most effective scavengers of free radicals your body has.

And one of the more difficult to obtain.

As some types of cancer have been linked to excessive free radicals in the body, Body Biotics, by providing additional SOD, could possibly help your immune system deal with cancer.

In addition, SOD has been shown to eliminate or greatly reduce tissue damage in the heart, especially following heart attacks.

Frequent testimonies of pain relief from arthritic conditions within three weeks or so indicates that Body Biotics produces a significant amount of SOD.

Additional Health Benefits Of Body Biotics

The soil-based organisms make Body Biotics more than a immune system supplement.

They also improve digestion and fight indigestion.

Virtually doubling the amount of nutrients you absorb. That's because they break down hydrocarbons (which food is) to its basic elements.

In addition they improve elimination and eventually eliminate constipation as they flake putrefaction off intestinal walls - from the wall out.

Working their way behind it and eating it away. So that eventually you end up with clean intestines.

Getting Started

Most people start out taking one Body Biotics capsule a day for a week, then increasing one capsule weekly. Till they get up to six a day (two bottles monthly).

There are people dealing with serious health conditions who don't stop at six Body Biotics a day for an immune system boost.

They work up to two or three times that amount.

While admittedly some folks get amazing results immediately, such as the fellow who's son suffered for 13 years from seizures.

(The seizures stopped virtually overnight when he started on the Body Biotics.)

You've generally got to give the soil-based organisms time to form colonies before they boost your immune system. Sometimes the soil-based organisms increase constipation at first as they flake the putrefaction off the intestinal walls and increase the mass moving through the intestines.

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