Help For Indigestion

Get relief from indigestion. Learn how a unique formulation of soil-based organisms and friendly bacteria

helps you to get rid of indigestion 3 different ways.

Plus it will also help you dramatically increase the amount of nutrients you absorb from the foods and supplements you consume.

The product is an exclusive, proprietary formulation of carefully selected soil-based organisms and seven other useful bacteria.

Called Body Biotics.

Indigestion, Body Biotics and You

Body Biotics help with indigestion like nothing else. Because nothing else gives you soil-based organisms. And soil-based organisms improve digestion while they fight chronic indigestion.

In the past soil-based organisms played a vital role in preventing indigestion.

People lived in greater contact with the soil, eating carrots straight out of the ground and the like. Ingesting soil-based organisms as they ate those foods.

Which helped prevent chronic indigestion.

Now we seldom ingest soil-based organisms. Our foods are clean. Most farming soils don’t even have soil-based organisms because they have been killed by herbicides and pesticides. So they are not on the vegetables anyway.

The ONLY good source we have for soil-based organisms is the supplement Body Biotics.

Soil-based organisms do many things for you besides relieving indigestion.

They boost your immune system in several ways. Speed the healing of wounds. Relieve pain.

Kill parasites, yeast, viruses and bad bacteria.

Here’s how they work at fighting chronic indigestion.

Body Biotics Fights Indigestion By Breaking Down ALL Food

The soil-based organisms in Body Biotics help you fight indigestion no matter what foods you eat.

That's because they break down all hydrocarbons (foods) completely. Into their basic elements.

Which helps with indigestion because that food won't be sitting there fermenting and undigested when the soil-based organisms get through breaking it down.

Soil-based organisms work in your body the same way they work in the soil.

Where they break down decaying plants and other matter. Making those nutrients available for new growth.

Thus, when you take Body Biotics, the soil-based organisms work to completely digest the food you eat. Helping take care of indigestion.

An added benefit is that they virtually double the amount of nutrients you absorb.

Both from the food and also from any supplements or medication you consume. Which can help you...

Save money.

Take Body Biotics and because of more complete digestion, you could decrease the amount of supplements you consume by 50%.

And still assimilate the same amount of nutrients.

Body Biotics Fights Indigestion By Cleaning Intestinal Walls

Most people have putrefied matter coating the walls of their intestines. Often pounds of hardened black material.

This undigested foods coats the small intestinal villi that absorb the nutrients in your food.

Contributing greatly to indigestion and literally poisoning the body with toxins.

The soil-based organisms in Body Biotics establish colonies in the entire digestive system.

Starting in the esophagus and ending in the colon. By attaching themselves to the walls of these organs.

Burrowing their way behind the "putrefaction" lining the intestinal walls. Eating it from the wall out.

Dislodging the putrefaction and flushing it out of the body in the normal evacuation process.

Body Biotics, by freeing these villi so that they can absorb food, greatly increases the amount of nutrients you actually digest and absorb.

And eliminate one cause of chronic indigestion. A clogged up intestine.

Body Biotics Fights Indigestion By Restoring Intestinal Flora

One cause of indigestion is lack of good intestinal flora.

A proper functioning colon will have several pounds of friendly bacteria assisting in digestion and in killing ingested bad bacteria and other pathogens.

However, chlorinated water, antibiotics, and many other chemicals in our food kill this good bacteria.

So our intestines usually have an overgrowth of bad bacteria, yeast, fungus and parasites. Helping create chronic indigestion.

Gobbling up our food before we can digest it. And poisoning us with their waste.

Body Biotics helps this indigestion problem in several ways.

The soil-based organisms attack and kill parasites, bad bacteria, yeast and other pathogens on contact.

Helping to throw the balance in the intestines to the good bacteria.


Body Biotics contains seven highly beneficial bacteria that help to re-establish the foundation of friendly bacteria in the guts.

To help your indigestion go the way of the manual typewriter. :-)

Nothing Relieves Indigestion Like Body Biotics

All in all Body Biotics and especially the soil-based organisms in Body Biotics do a remarkable job of fighting indigestion.

Not just in one way, but as you can see in a great many ways.

In ways that NO other supplement can.

Life Science Products Inc has the distribution rights to this proprietary formulation of soil-based organisms. And no one has figured out how to copy it.

Fighting Chronic Indigestion Is Not All Body Biotics Does

Researchers have found that the soil-based-organisms in Body Biotics stimulate cellular self repair as they produce DNA and RNA.

Boost energy production in cells. Help cells detoxify.

Body Biotics is a remarkable immune system supplement that stimulates the production of antibodies, lactoferrin and interferon.

And produces a powerful antioxidant.

Well actually, Body Biotics helps you in even more ways. But I've got to stop somewhere. :-)

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