Natural Interferon

Learn how you can safely and cheaply increase the levels of interferon in your body. With a unique supplement containing soil-based organisms which naturally stimulate your body to produce more alpha interferon.

Stimulating and boosting the effectiveness of your immune system in several ways. And leading to a wide variety of health improvements. One of the major improvements is in dealing with immune system disorders. After all, doctors have been using a synthetic version for years for just that sort of thing.

The drawbacks being that these treatments are quite expensive and prove to be toxic at the high doses needed to produce results. But such treatments have been in use for decades because most people don’t know there is a better way to increase the levels of interferon in your body.

Now, however, you can take a unique supplement that, among other health benefits, stimulates your body to produce more interferon. And not just one form of it like you get synthetically. But at least 16 of the 20 sub-species of interferon.

The supplement is Body Biotics and the soil-based organisms in it are what stimulate interferon production.

Increased Interferon Production

After you have taken Body Biotics a short while, the soil-based organisms form colonies in your intestines.

Once established, they stimulate your body's production of interferon. Of at least 16 of the 20 possible sub-species of interferon.

Just in case you are not familiar with alpha interferon, it is a key regulator of your immune response.

It is produced artificially at very high cost, to fight serious immune system disorders like cancer.

However, only one sub-species is made. Nothing close to what the soil-based organisms stimulate the body to produce.

Antibodies aren't the only things that attack viruses. Each sub-species of alpha interferon attacks different viruses.

So the more sub-species you stimulate, the more effective your immune system boost will be.

And better still, T-lymphocyte production increases as the alpha interferon is produced.

Which may be why Body Biotics has been reported to work on so many different types of conditions.

Chronic fatigue, herpes, hepatitis, influenza. Most any viral condition.

If you are considering alpha interferon supplementation, at a cost running into thousands of dollars, you might want to add on Body Biotics as an immune system supplement.

And perhaps get much more benefit for much less cost.

A 1993 article details the research and development of Body Biotics. Going in detail over the many health benefits of soil-based organisms.

Here is what this “Critters” article reported about interferon and soil-based organisms. (Back then Body Biotics was called EarthFlora and soil-based organisms are abbreviated as SBO’s.)

Action #1: Stimulation of the Body’s Natural Alpha Interferon Production

According to Dr. Peter Rothschild, who has conducted in-depth laboratory analyses of EarthFlora (Body Biotics) and the beneficial SBO’s it contains, one of the chief actions of the SBO’s once they are firmly established in the gastrointestinal tract, is to stimulate the body’s own natural production of alpha-interferon.

Alpha-interferon is a paramount polypeptide-a protein form molecule-that was discovered in the human body in 1956 and has been proven to be a key regulator of the human immune response. Since its discovery, it has been universally acknowledged by science that the development of a widely usable man-made form of alpha-interferon would embody profound hope for the cure of many diseases in the future. Unfortunately, to date science has failed to develop a form of alpha-interferon that could live up to the high expectations held for it since its discovery in the human body.

Medical science’s recombinantly derived alpha-interferon has found only limited applications, with limited beneficial effects. For one, the extreme dosages (i.e., multi-million unit daily doses) required in order to stimulate immune response in humans have proven to be highly toxic. Achieving a pure form of the element has also been a major problem for medical science. What’s more, the man-made alpha-interferon has proven to be prohibitively costly to manufacture and utilize, with individual treatments costing thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Additionally distressing is the fact that the recombinant-derived interferons used by medical science today have only a single species of alpha-interferon which exerts a very low immune-stimulation response, whereas the interferons produced naturally by the human body are multi-specie in nature [The healthy human leukocyte cell can produce up to twenty different sub-species of alpha-interferon-Ed.], and exert an extremely aggressive immune response.

Moreover, science now knows that the reason the human body produces so many different sub-species of alpha-interferon is because different sub-species are required to protect the cells against different viruses and other antigens. No single sub-species of endogenous (i.e., body-produced) alpha-interferon can protect the human system against the variety of harmful invaders with which it must regularly contend.

Therefore, the limited immune benefits of the expensive, single-species alpha-interferon produced by medical science simply cannot hold a candle to vast immune benefits of the multi-species of alpha-interferon produced naturally by the human body itself.

In laboratory tests performed by Dr. Rothschild, the actions of the soil-based organisms contained in EarthFlora have been shown to uniquely stimulate the human body’s own production of not less than 16 of the possible 20 sub-species of natural human alpha-interferon!

Dr. Rothschild speculates that it is this incredible stimulation of the body’s production of its own natural alpha-interferon which has caused EarthFlora to be shown so highly effective in the treatment of a wide variety of chronic degenerative diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, viral herpes, hepatitis-B and C, influenza, and much more. To date, we know of no other product which can achieve such a profound immune-stimulating action.

What’s more, according to Dr. Rothschild, "The anti-viral activity stimulated by the SBO’s in EarthFlora is even more clear, for the virus-antagonistic effect of alpha-interferon has long been documented by worldwide scientific investigation...Our research has identified over 50 different immune modulating effects to date...

This research has produced ample evidence indicating that EarthFlora exerts a potent immune-modulatory influence with significant clinical benefits to patients who suffer from a variety of viral aggressions or other immunopathic, degenerative conditions."

Additionally, Dr. Rothschild has found that, "Since EarthFlora does not contain any toxic, addictive or otherwise dangerous substance, it is totally harmless and provides the particular elements required for stimulating both the body’s T-cell production and their quality. It also eliminates the need for poisonously high-dose and inordinately expensive alpha-interferon injections."

In short, it now appears that the SBO’s in EarthFlora are unique in that their actions in the human gastrointestinal tract are somehow able to stimulate the body's production of the vast majority of subspecies of its own alpha-interferon, thereby dramatically enhancing the immune system’s ability to ward off illness and disease. T-lymphocyte production is greatly boosted, and the anti-viral activity of the immune system is vastly stimulated as a direct effect of the increased alpha-interferon production.

What’s more, because the alpha-interferon produced as a result of the ingestion of EarthFlora is endogenous (i.e., body-produced) it is also far more assimilable by the human immune system than medical science’s recombinantly-derived alpha-interferon. And, the over-whelming problems of purity and toxicity are completely eliminated through the use of EarthFlora, since it merely stimulates the body to produce its own naturally pure forms.

Lastly, instead of medical science having to indulge in vastly ineffective immune system treatments costing thousands upon thousands of dollars as they now do with their recombinantly-derived alpha-interferon, dramatic and highly effective immune-stimulating results can be achieved in the human body for a tiny fraction of the cost through the use of EarthFlora! ....

EarthFlora’s Unique Immune-Stimulating Actions

In summary, the beneficial SBO’s used in EarthFlora provide an exclusive triple action level of immune-stimulation that is unavailable through any other therapeutic development we know of.

1. They stimulate the body’s own natural alpha-interferon production, thereby providing markedly increased T-lymphocyte levels, dramatically increased viral resistance, and a high level of protection against chronic degenerative disease unattainable by modern medical science up until now;

2. They also stimulate the production of crucial B-lymphocytes and related anti-bodies, providing the immune system with a huge extra reservoir of anti-pathogenic defense organisms that are available for use at a moment’s notice;

3. They directly produce much-needed lactoferrin for the human body, which helps protect it from invading pathogens by depriving them of the iron they need in order to survive in the human system.”

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