Life's Green Essentials Gives You An Edge

Life's Green Essentials is the ONLY green drink superfood that uses soil based organisms to greatly increase the amount of nutrients you absorb. Every known nutrient. And any unknown ones too.

Truly giving you food for life.

Life's Green Essentials gives you a nutritional edge you just can't get from any other green drink or superfood.

Once Life’s Green Essentials nutrients are released, the soil based organisms grab toxic waste products and carries them out of the body.

A remarkable one/two punch.

NO other superfood or green drink has this. Significantly more nutrients get into your cells with Life's green Essentials.

That is not to say that all green drinks and superfoods aren't better than vitamins at getting nutrients into the cells. They most definitely are.

It's to say that Life's Green Essentials does even a better job of helping to improve your health by getting even more of those vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients into your cells.

Where they do the most good.

Superfoods More Effective Than Vitamins

Most research on the usefulness of vitamins to combat ill health conditions shows that vitamin supplements are only marginally useful.

Some studies show small advantages, other not.

And some show vitamin supplements might even make things worse. Especially if the vitamins are synthetic.

Research studies do confirm that vitamins and other nutrients in your food (or green drink superfood) give tremendous benefits...

If you take enough of them.

Five servings a day of fruits and vegetables can cut the risk of heart disease and cancer by 30% or more.

And no wonder.

You need a full range of nutrients to thrive. (The full range that you get in Life's Green Essentials.)

Your body knows how to digest and utilize food. But isolated vitamins throw it a curve. The vitamins are not in a form that is easy to assimilate.

Which is why doctors talk about expensive urine.

And why you do best to get your nutrition from food.

Organically grown on good soil. So that you get the vitamins and minerals missing from foods grown on depleted soils.

And avoid the pesticide and herbicide residues.

To make a difference in dealing with a health condition, normally you'd have to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables than you do now.

One or two servings a day doesn't cut it. Five may help ward off conditions. As the medical establishment tells us.

But if you are trying to correct an ill health condition you need much more than that.

And are you really going to change your eating habits enough to do that?

Not likely.

If you are like most people.

And you'll end up being one of the 75% who die too soon because of cancer or heart disease.

Increase your odds with...


Not only do they give you nutrients missing from commercially processed foods.

They also are concentrated so that a small amount can make a difference. An amount that you can more easily consume.

Especially if you are going to take many servings a day.

Over the years one of the best forms of superfoods has proven to be green drinks.

And the best green drink superfood is Life's Green Essentials.

Life's Green Essentials has taken superfood green drinks to the next level.

Not only does the soil based organisms allow more nutrients to get into the cells, but Life's Green Essentials gives you a wider array of nutrients.

One fourth of Life's Green Essentials is a phytonutrient blend (with live Enzymes).

Certified organic, low temperature dried, pure concentrates of Kamut grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, oat grass juices (no starch or gluten), broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, Brussel's sprouts, parsley, spinach, asparagus, celery, green bell pepper, carrot, beet, tomato, garlic, onion and ginger.

You get MUCH more than five servings of vegetable phytonutrients with one serving of Life's Green Essentials.

Because these vegetables are dehydrated (and because about 90% of most vegetables is water) you get phytonutrients equivalent to one serving of EACH of those vegetables.

What's the significance of this for you?

Life's Green Essentials And Your Health

Research is showing that phytonutrients from vegetables can protect the body from cancer and heart disease.

Different ones work in different ways.

Consuming a wide variety increases your chances of staying healthy.

Now it is true that people have defeated cancer by eating and juicing tremendous amounts of organic fruits and vegetables.

And by drinking grass juices.

The fruits and vegetables give the body phytonutrients needed to battle the cancer and boost the immune system.

Plus, the chlorophyll rich grass juices and green drinks help oxygenate the body. And cancer can't live in the presence of oxygen.

So could Life's Green Essentials help with cancer? Very possibly. It's got the right stuff. Could it defeat cancer? Who knows?

Life's Green Essentials is definitely a powerful immune system supplement.

The scoop on combating cancer is that you need to consume 5 to 10 times the amount you should normally eat.

Of products that have ingredients that could help combat cancer.

Such as Life's Green Essentials...

And its a lot easier to drink 5 servings of Life's Green Essentials than eat 25 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Life's Green Essentials Antioxidants

One fourth of Life's Green Essentials is a whole food antioxidant blend.

A proprietary formula containing stabilized rice bran and germ which supplies 20% fatty acids, 20 amino acids, 70+ antioxidants, Vitamin E (tocotrienols and tocopherols) and an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber.

There are companies whose main product is a stabilized rice bran. The polyscharides in it make a particularly good immune system supplement.

The bran has also been shown to help with diabetes.

Life’s Green Essentials' Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids have been shown to be vital for proper brain function.

Lack of these fatty acids, and most of us don't get enough of them, is connected to cancer, heart disease, and brain disorders.

While Life’s Green Essentials' 70+ antioxidants help protect your joints from arthritis, keep your cardiovascular system from clogging up, and combat one of the main causes of cancer, free radical damage.

Life's Green Essentials And Soy

One fourth of Life's Green Essentials is a Seed and Sprout Blend.

Hydroponically grown soy sprouts combined with chia, flax and fennel seeds which are raw and naturally stabilized for freshness.

Contains the full spectrum of essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6, 9 and 18.

In addition, as you probably have heard, soy has been shown to significantly help with heart disease and cancer.

The advantage of the soy in Life's Green Essentials is that its soy is very digestible as it comes from sprouts.

As opposed to most soy products which are not very digestible.

And the soil based organisms makes the soy in Life's Green Essentials even more useful as more of the nutrients in the soy get into your cell.

Life's Green Essentials Supplies Trace Minerals and Amino Acids

One fourth of Life's Green Essentials is a Protein-Mineral Blend.

Spirulina, chlorella, and sea kelp containing every mineral known to man and a high concentration of bio-available proteins and growth factors.

Every enzyme in your body needs a trace mineral as a co-enzyme for it to work correctly.

Our soils and thus our foods, have been deficient in trace minerals for decades.

So we don’t get enough of these trace minerals and our enzyme systems can’t operate at optimum levels.

The best source, the most digestible source, for trace minerals is from plants growing in the ocean.

Like the sea kelp in Life's Green Essentials.

These algae also provide high quality protein and amino acids. Especially good for feeding the brain.

Life's Green Essentials algae, along with the vegetables and grasses, help to alkalinize the body.

Something most of us can well use as our bodies tend to be overly acidic from our diets high in protein, fats and sugars.

One problem with being overly acidic is that your cells can't get rid of toxins because toxins are acidic and your body won’t let the blood become even more acidic by adding more toxins to it.

So toxins accumulate in the cells and cause cellular damage. One of the primary causes of ill health conditions.

Drink Life's Green Essentials and you can correct this acidity problem.

As you can see, Life's Green Essentials has a wide range of nutrients of the highest quality.

Enough to make a difference in your health.

Enough so that you can make Life's Green Essentials your main nutritional supplement, eliminating many vitamins or other green drink superfoods.

It’s soil based organisms is the edge that set Life's Green Essentials apart from other green drinks and superfoods.

Cost Effective Purchasing

Life's Green Essentials retails for $59.

If you order by phone, you'll need my ID# 6281. You'll also need to say you want to be a distributor (no obligation) to get the $45.50 pricing. Order online to get that very same pricing without becoming a distributor.

Order Basics

To order by phone, call the Life Science Products order line at 800-713-3888 and give them ID# 6281.

Get back to me personally if you have any questions about Life's Green Essentials.

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